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    Group Exercise Studio

    Our studio is fully equipped with a sprung dance floor and air conditioning.

Exercise Classes


Guidelines for Group Exercise. 

We are very excited to welcome you back to our Centre and to make sure your visit is as safe as possible we’ve put in new hygiene measures in line with coronavirus regulations. Your cooperation, along with the safety measures and all the efforts from our staff, will help keep our Centre as safe as possible. 


Timetable from 1st July 2022


Time Class Instructor  Area 
9.00-9.30am HIIT Jo G Studio
10.30-11.25am Body Pump  Jo S Studio
11.00 -12.30pm Active 50+ Jo G Main Hall 
11.30-12.30pm Yoga Helen Studio
5.30-6.25pm Body Conditioning  Karen Studio
6.30 -7.25pm Body Combat  Agnes Studio
7.00-7.45pm Zumba Tagba Main Hall
7.30-8.15pm  Spin Tom Studio


9.00-9.30am HIIT Fitness Team Studio
9.30-10.25am Body Combat  Jac Studio
10.00-11.00am Gold  Maz Main Hall
10.30-11.15am Body Balance  Jac Studio
12.45-1.45 Stretch & Restore   Shannon Studio
5.30 - 6.25pm Legs, Bums & Tums Karen F  Studio
6.30-7.25pm Pilates  Jane Studio


6.30-7.15am Spin  Rico Upper Hall
9.00-9.45am Express Body Attack  Nikki Studio
9.45-10.30am Body Pump Nikki Studio
10.30-11.15am  Body Balance Nikki Studio
11.15-12.00pm  Pilates  Nikki Studio
1.30-2.30pm Body Moves  Christine  Studio 
6.00-6.55pm  Body Pump Hazel Studio
6.30-7.15pm  Zumba Claudia Main Hall 
7.00-7.45pm Body Balance  Hazel  Studio 
7.45-8.30pm Spin Ben Studio


9.00-9.30am HIIT  Gym Staff Studio 
9.30-10.25am Body Conditioning  Karen Studio
10.00-11.00am Gold Kerry Main Hall 
1.00pm-2pm Active 50+ Fitness  Main Hall 
5.45-6.45pm Yoga  Shannon  Studio
7.00-7.50pm Circuit Tom  Studio 
8.00-8.45pm Spin Tom Studio 


6.30-7.15am Spin Rico Upper Hall 
9.00-9.30am HIIT Karen Studio 
9.30-10.30am  Yoga Helen  Upper Hall 
9.30-10.30am Body Conditioning  Karen Studio 
10.30-11.25am Pilates Kiran Studio
11.30-12.25pm Yoga  Kiran Studio
6.00-6.50pm Body Combat  Charlotte  Studio


8.00-8.45am  Spin  Jo G  Studio 
9.00-9.45am Body Pump  Sue Studio
10.00-10.45am Body Balance Sue Studio
11.00-12.00pm Yoga  Kiran  Studio


8.30-9.30am Yoga Shannon Upper Hall  
10.00-11.00am Body Pump Adam Studio

      Centre Card holders pay the following prices, (Pre-Paid Members do not pay for use of classes):

£6.50 Peak Times (After 5pm Monday-Friday & 8am-2pm at Weekends)

£5.00  Off Peak Times (6.30am-5pm Monday-Friday & after 2pm at Weekends)

Booking Procedure- Pre Paid Members have 6 days advance booking and Centre Card Members have 4 days advance booking.  You can only book a class 6 days prior to the next class, ie, if you wish to book for next weeks Spin class on Tuesday, you can only book from the Wednesday of this week.

Online Bookings - Remember if you are a pre-paid member, you can book online.  You just need your card number to register. 

Our Classes will have:

A hygiene station will be at the entrance of the studio. Please sanitise your hands as you enter.

Time dedicated to sanitising your hands and wiping down any equipment both before and after use with cleaning products provided.

Exercise mats for your classes will be provided but please ensure you clean them before use with the cleaning equipment provided.   You are encouraged to bring your own mat if you have one.


Please DO NOT ATTEND if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19