Maidstone YMCA


June/July 2019

Things parents say about our pre-school:-

Suzie: A happy, nurturing and secure setting for your child to start their educational journey.  Lots of varied activities and opportunities for the children to enjoy.

Pip:  Looked after all 3 of my children, wouldn’t change a thing or wish for anything better.

Katie: Lovely setting with great staff and learning

Penny: A really lovely, well run pre-school that my daughter loves attending, she has really grown and developed since starting here.

Callum:  The setting is brilliant, I couldn’t have asked for a better start for my daughter

Louise:  I love how each child seems so happy. It is very friendly.

Adrienn:  It was the best choice I made 2 years before. I’m glad my son can go here. My daughter was here too. All teachers are kind and attentive.

Hannah:  Staff all lovely and supportive, particularly with my child’s speech that has been slow to start.  He seems to be enjoying a good variety of activities.

Rajeevan:  All the staff have been brilliant during these two years.  My son has developed a lot. Without you not sure how he would’ve managed.

Amy:  I have always been very happy with the Pre-school for both my children. A strength being some excellent supportive staff members.  I wouldn’t hesitate n recommending YMCA Pre-school, Loose.

Kate:  Thanks to you and the team for looking after my children during their time at pre-school.  They have both loved their time with you all and were; so please we chose YMCA.